19 Apr

Target-5401 West Broad Street Richmond VA 23220

Category: Department Store

Bathroom Gender: Family (and) Women

Blogger: Cheech     

Date Visited: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 (5pm)



Excuse the MANY photos of the Target bathrooms, but there are a lot of good features that I would like to point out.  First of all, the family bathroom…there is a separate bathroom that a mother can take her son, and a father can take his daughter.  What I like about the target family bathroom is that it is an individual bathroom…let me explain :).  When my children were at about the 7-8 year old mark, my husband and I were not comfortable sending them into a multi-stalled public bathroom by themselves (but they were not comfortable going into the opposite of their sex bathroom).  However…if there is an individual bathroom to send them into, then we can check it out (make sure it is clear of kidnappers and perverts), and let them do their thing.

So, while the family bathroom at Target is just a glorified, individual bathroom, it IS very convenient!  It also houses a baby changing station…so it DOES classify!  It is clean and well stocked as well!

The women’s bathroom has about four stalls, all with automatic flushers and plenty of toilet paper and hooks to hang your stuff.  As you can see in the pictures, there is a feminine product dispenser (25 cents), an additional baby changing station, and a trashcan near the exit door (but it doesn’t matter because there are NO PAPER TOWELS to hold the handle with.).  For those of you who are sticklers for not touching bathroom door handles, my suggestion is to get a good amount of toilet paper from the stall and open the door with that…then toss it in the trash!  You know I have to say it…especially about the silver XLERATOR hand dryers…They are evil!  Just try looking at the skin on the top of your hands being blown in all directions…it is gross and makes your hands look about 100 years old!

And last but not least, the bathroom cleaning charts are UP-TO-DATE!  They really do care ;)!  The bathrooms at this Target are always clean and smelling oh-so-fresh!  Thank you!

Oh…the bathrooms are located at the front, to the left of the entrance doors.  This is great when you just want to run in an use the bathroom (although, who are we kidding…you always need something at Target!).

Ok…so I can’t give Target a Crystal Bowl Award…but I will ignore the XLERATORS when I give them my rating!

I give these bathrooms (together) 3 seats up!

Rating Scale: 3 seats down (worst) to 3 seats up (best).


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